MDNW Art Competition, Who Won?

The Task

Do you feel like your studies are getting in the way of your creative potential? Is life less magical than when you spaghettified your way through Junior School workbooks with crayons? Well now you have the chance to rekindle that fun-spark buried beneath, with the Make Dove Not War Art Competition! Paint, draw, create your way to a place in our next magazine issue and earn the prestige you deserve. Break free, make freely.


  • we accept anything you believe to be artistic and from anyone (Senior School students, teachers, principals + anyone included in the MDNW readership)
  • e-mail a photo of your work to Alana Herd
  • you will find out if you win or not in the next issue of MDNW in Term 2
  • all work will be judged by the members of the Publications Committee – impress us
  • prizes are as yet undetermined
  • deadline for submissions will be some time mid term 2


Congratulations to all who participated. Below are the winning entries!

1st – Girl in Pool, Madi Shera

2nd – Golden Buddha Statue, Nic Ackland

3rd – Extended Hand Dripping Blood, Madi Shera


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