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This is Ask Aunt Agatha where you send in all the questions you’re afraid to answer and we give you the best advice there is (disclaimer: advice from a group of year 13s probably isn’t actually the best advice there is but we’ll try)

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Dear Aunt Agatha,
Recently my younger brother had turned 13 and I can no longer bear being in the same house as him.  What do I do?

13 is a very difficult age, not only for him,  but everyone around as well. My best advice is to be cautious about how you speak and act around him,  such as how you’d treat a werewolf. Be aware of only using calm and relaxed language around him, with gentle expressions so he doesn’t interpret anything as a threat.  Do not engage in arguments or physical standoffs, as he will have increased strength at this time in his life and is a danger to human life. My best advice is to always keep a snack on hand to distract your brother in a time of emergency.

Dear Aunt Agatha,
At the moment I feel like there is so much pressure on me to do well in my classes and extracurriculars, while still having time to hang out with my friends on the weekend! I feel stuck and I’m not sure what to do?

This is such a common problem among teens, who often feel as if they can’t balance everything they need to do. Firstly, the bad news is you generally can’t balance everything, and you will have to sometimes cancel plans so you can get all your work done. Although this is difficult to do, and is disappointing sometimes, the good news is that your friends are probably in the same situation and will fully understand if you have to cancel on them, just as they may have to cancel their plans with you. It’s important then to really enjoy the time that you do get to spend relaxing, or hanging out with friends, so when you spend time doing school work you don’t feel as if you have been missing out.

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