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This is the daily dove – the publication team’s very own (very first) online magazine. We’ll try to post articles at least every week so keep checking this area to stay updated.

No Small Task
Scientists estimate that by 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish. Student E Wen Wong is determined not to let that happen – find out what she’s doing to stop it and how you can help too.

Future Ready, NowTe Puni
With the end of our high school journeys looming just around the corner, many of our Year Thirteen students will be exploring which university they wish to attend after this year, selecting with surgical precision what courses and papers to sign up for.

Decisions Decisions
As prelims steadily approach, procrastination amongst students is soaring to new highs. But why is it so appealing?

Nurses ProtestStriking the Match
Following nurse strikes last month, hundreds of primary schools teachers will be going on strike this coming Wednesday to protests wages that they say are far too low.

Has Massey University Acted Brashly?
massey2Last month Phil Goff made headlines by banning Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern from speaking at Council venues. This week Massey University Vice-Chancellor Jan Thomas reignites the debate by barring Don Brash from speaking.

FullSizeRender 4Little Fish in a Big Pond
Last month Tiernan Keane represented the Cook Islands at the Oceania Swimming Championships. Get to know Kristin’s very own International Swimmer.




ExamMDNWMid Year Exams
Mid-years are over but many of us feel worse for wear. Is there even any point?


citymission 3Helping the Helpless
There are 40,000 homeless people in New Zealand, and that number is only growing. A small group of volunteers at the Auckland City Mission are trying to make a big difference.


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