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Joshua Sampson – 10/08/2018

As I sit down to write another article for the daily dove, I’m confronted by a difficult decision. Should I actually write my article, or should I watch another episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine? A while of pondering and three episodes later and I make the obvious decision to start writing this article.

But why is it so hard for me to start writing this article? Is it because I’m a huge procrastinator? NO. (Actually, it probably has a lot to do with that but that would ruin my article so we’ll ignore it). It’s because writing an article means more decisions. I have to choose a topic to write about, choose a manner to write in and then choose the words that I’m going to use.

Mindlessly watching (the awesome) Brooklyn Nine-Nine is so much easier for me. It’s why I picked the topic of my Maths Internal two weeks after the draft was due or why, after half an hour of pondering, I always choose chocolate ice cream. Because it’s easy and I hate decision making, which is why this point in the year is difficult.

For me, and many year 13s, the past few weeks have been full of decisions. We’ve read through pages and pages and pages of scholarships and had to pick which ones to apply for, what Universities to go to and what course to take. Personally, I’m taking it pretty badly, I enrolled at the University of Auckland last week and then switched course twice in one day.

And for those of you who have not made any decisions yet, I’m sure you’ll have to make some soon. All us year 13s are making seemingly life-altering decisions: University? Gap-year? Trade? Auckland? Victoria? Harvard? MIT (Manukau Institute of Technology)? What halls of residence? For the rest of you, I’m sure the decisions are no less daunting. What subjects should you take? Maybe you’re facing the great NCEA vs IB dilemma.

The fact is that all of us are facing some tough decisions, and none of us know what to do. Of course, some of you will have had your minds made up since you were ten, and I admire that, but that’s not me and it’s not most of the people I know. Instead, most of us are floundering without a clue, wondering if we’re about to make the worst decision of our lives.

Ok maybe I’m being a bit dramatic, but right now many of us are a bit confused. I’m sure now would be a great time for me to give some life-changing advice but unfortunately, I’m only 17 and I’ve got nothing (except maybe don’t take Chemistry just because you feel like you have to take 2 sciences. Sorry Ms Kucera!).

Instead, I’ll wish you good luck with your decision making. I’m sure you won’t mess up too badly. If nothing else, I hope this article has reminded you that you’re not the only one who has no idea what you’re doing. In fact, you are one amongst many who have absolutely no idea what’s happening and that’s ok. Oh, and if you find out the secret to this decision-making process, please tell me.

Whatever you face in your future you can be sure that we’ll be here for you on the Daily Dove.


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