Future Ready, Now

By Finn Blackwell

With the end of our high school journeys looming just around the corner, many of our Year Thirteen students will be exploring which university they wish to attend after this year, selecting with surgical precision what courses and papers to sign up for. Over the last weekend, I had the great fortune to attend the Victoria University of Wellington Open day, taking in the sights around campus as well as a few sample lectures. Having the opportunity to get a first hand look at a Tertiary Institute that I wish to study at next year proved to be invaluable.

Attending a sample lecture, I was able to get a taste for the type of atmosphere that permeated throughout the lecture hall. The lecture itself (Charismatic Leaders, Personality Cults & Dictatorships) offered an insightful look into the subject matter available from majoring in History. It was interesting to observe the different ways that potential students acted while in the lecture. Some were sat on the edge of their seats, eagerly taking notes, while others fidgeted, flicking their phones on and off, struggling to pay attention.

Wellington Uni 2.jpgUniveristy Foyer

Not only was I introduced to courses I hadn’t even thought about taking; I was also able to have a tour of the Halls of Residence. This gave me the opportunity to take in the dorm rooms, common areas and dining hall that are on offer at many of the Halls.

During the open day I was able to talk with various other Vic visitors around the historic campus. When asked what appealed to them about Vic, one visitor remarked, “I love the vibe, you know? Everyone’s smiling having a good time. I can’t wait come here”. The positive response seemed to be unanimous, with another visitor commenting, “I think that the facilities are really something special. The immediacy [of the University’s location] lends itself to being incredibly convenient. You can walk from the halls to the city, to the Uni. I love it.”

A particular element I observed during my time at the open day was the vast quantity of Kristin students who were also visiting Victoria. It seemed that around every corner there was a familiar face waiting to greet me with a surprised “it’s you!” I think it speaks to the magnetism of the university, to see how many “future ready” students were prepping to saunter through its hallowed halls next year.

Kristin’s very own head boy, Max Ramsay, was one student eager to find out just what Victoria University had in store for him. When asked what drew him to the open day, Max replied: “I travelled to Vic with the intention of studying at the New Zealand School of Music to complete a Bachelor of Music in Classical Performance (Voice).

What were some of the first things you looked at, at Vic?:
“I checked out the campus and was very pleased with the extensive facilities on offer for all aspiring music students, as well as the open and inviting nature of the campus.”

Did you get a chance to look at the halls of residence?:
“I did indeed, I had the chance to look at Te Puni: one of the many halls on offer for students studying at the university. I was thankful enough to be shown a tour of the place by a friend of mine who was currently residing there, and was furthermore blessed with the provision of a music room inside the halls (featuring an extremely nice piano on which far too many Billy Joel songs were played).”

Te PuniTe-Puni Village

Overall, what are your thoughts on the university?:
“Victoria and Te Puni are both extraordinary places that would be perfect for any student looking to study in Wellywood, and potentially for me in the near future!”

With this in mind, it’ll be fascinating to see just how many of Kristin’s 2018 Alumni find themselves in the capital city next year, exploring new avenues for learning and growing, meeting new people and making new friends, grooming themselves for the first day of the rest of their lives.

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